You have been invited to use InstaSupply because your customer wanted a platform to improve their procurement processes, and by doing so strengthening their relationships with suppliers. They wanted you to join their network, so you can share the benefits of using InstaSupply.  

InstaSupply has been designed to make the user experience as easy as possible for suppliers, to an extent where many suppliers have joined InstaSupply as customers as a result of their experience using the platform. 

Invoices and orders will now need to be submitted through the portal. Invoices sent externally and orders not accepted at the portal might experience delays in payment and deliveries. 

Changes to your processes:

  1. Please send your invoices as explained here.
  2. If you receive orders, please follow the process explained here.

We offer both on-boarding and day to day support to all of our suppliers using the platform, so if there are any specific issues that you would like assistance with, then please click on the intercom button to the bottom right of your screen. 

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