Once you have accepted a purchase order (learn how to accept an order by clicking here), it is possible to generate an invoice using the “PO Flip”.

To do this, below the line items, you can click on the blue button “Convert to invoice”

You will be taken to a form that will allow you to enter the details of the invoice you wish to generate. Here, you can make changes and even correct the product descriptions, prices and VAT taxes. 

Please take a few seconds to ensure that the total amount on the screen is correct. Once the amount is accurate, the invoice will be swiftly processed without any issues.  

Please, provide a unique invoice number, also attach a PDF invoice if you have one. Once this is done, click “Convert Purchase Order” to complete the process.

If you did not attach a PDF invoice on the previous page, the system will automatically generate on for you. This will be viewable to both you and your customer. 

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