You found the Purchase Order created by your customer via one of the ways explained here. Now, you want to accept it. 

Once you are on the PO page, please make sure that the information on it matches with what you can offer (items, prices, location to be delivered to). If there is something wrong with it, you can either deny it or correct minor things on the invoice. 

If you are happy with the data on the order, just hit "Accept order" on the bottom of the page. 

Now, your customer will see that you accepted and will wait for the items to be delivered on the delivery date. It is now expected that you send the invoice. To see how to send an invoice, please click here.

Please deny an order in case you cannot honour what is written there and explain to your customer why you denied that using the message box. For example, you should deny an order if: 

  • The order does not meet the minimum value for an order;
  • Any prices are incorrect;
  • Any items are out of stock;

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