Product List plays a important part to provide a better user experience for both you and your customer. If you want to know more about the value of having a product list in our platform click here

To upload/update your product list, you need to go to Sales > Manage Products You Sell.

Clicking on "Add a new product", you can add one item at a time. Simply fill the information requested. In this page, you have the option to select the customer you'd like to see this product. 

If you have a considerable number of items to be added/updated, your best option is click on "Import products from CSV". You'll be taken to a page with the name of the columns your file must have and the list of your customers using InstaSupply. Select who should be able to see these products you're adding.

Your file must match exact name of each column, otherwise you won't be able to upload your product list. 

On the images below, you can see the rules and an example of a spreadsheet.

Be careful with columns number 4, 5 and 6 and its specific rules. 

You also have the option of downloading the example CSV and populate the file to avoid any problem. 

When editing, both processes can be applied. The only difference is that if there are any relevant changes to the product, your customer is able to authorise it. They will always be able to order it, even if the product is unapproved.

When this customer raises a PO with this product, we'll let them know that something has changed and he/she has the ability to approve/deny it. 

If there is a product that you don't sell anymore, please disable it so your customer is aware of that. 

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