You checked on Sales > AR Document Ingestion and realized that there is a document in the Rejected tab. Please find below the 6 main reasons why we reject documents. 

  1. Not an invoice - Our platform process only invoices and credit notes. We can not accept statements, delivery notes or texts.
  2. Duplicate - We already have your invoice on the system. 
  3. Multiple documents in one PDF - Our system is able to process only one invoice per file. We can not accept a PDF with more than one invoice number.
  4. Not a PDF document - We only process invoices/credit notes in PDF. CSVs should be uploaded in a different process that you can find here
  5. No PO number on Invoice - If your customer requires a Purchase Order number for each invoice and no Purchase Order number is provided.
  6. Incomplete image - We cannot see important parts of your invoice due to bad image quality, such as invoice number, date, or total amount.
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