After sending us a document via email or uploading PDF/CSV (click here to check how to do it), you can check the status of your document on Sales > AR Document Ingestion.

Your document can be in one of the 5 tabs above:

Processing - It means that we received it and we will publish it or reject it in up to 48h.
Successfully processed - It means that we published it and you are able to see it on Sales > Accounts Receivable.
Removed after processing - It means that we published it but for any reason we deleted it afterwards. For instance, your customer asked us to delete it because there was a mistake on the invoice.
Rejected documents - It means that we rejected a document because there was something wrong with it. If you want to see the reasons for rejecting a document, please click here.
Resolved rejections - It means that someone (you, customer or us) took care of this rejection and it is resolved.

If you cannot find your document in one of these tabs, it means that we don't have it. If this is the case, please send it over or talk to us on the chat so we can investigate what happened.

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