When adding a new user (click here to learn how to add new users) it is mandatory that you select a role for him/her. Otherwise, the person will receive the invitation and when the account is active, nothing will be shown. 

Assigning the correct user is key to a perfect work flow and in this text you can see what each role can do:

  • Administrator: this is the most powerful user in the company. Basically, this role allows the user to do everything. From changing company details to approving PO, Invoices and deliveries. This user will see the whole system. 
  • Finance: this user will be able to see the Purchase (Purchasing > Purchases) list only in order to check what the company is buying. 
  • Location Manager: this is the second most powerful user role in the company. They can create and manage POs, deliveries and invoices, add suppliers and edit its product lists but cannot edit company details and see reports (the main difference if compared to Administrator).
  • Sales: Basically, this user can work with Product List and manage it (recommended for suppliers).
  • Sales Admin: Besides what a "Sales" user can do, this user can also see POs and users (recommended for suppliers).
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