Supplier lists and the products you order from your suppliers can be found in the supplier page on the left-hand side.

The lists should always be kept up to date to reflect any seasonal offers, product changes or price fluctuations and we suggest you encourage your suppliers to maintain them.

Since these lists save you a lot of time creating Purchase Orders, we also give you the option of adding products. 

You can add products directly from the Purchase Order page, as explained here, by clicking the "+" sign. 

You can also add items directly via Product List. Once you have found the supplier's name in the list, just click "Products"

You will be taken to a page showing all the products you currently buy from that supplier. 

You can add a single product, by clicking "Add a new product".
Always remember the SKU (or product code) must be unique.

Once this is done, the item will be added to the product list for the supplier and you will be able to select it form the drop-down menu when creating a new PO.

You also have the option to import the products via CSV file. If you want to do this, click on "Import products from CSV" and follow the rules on the next page. Please note that the order and title of the columns shown in the example must be respected for a successful upload.

You also have the option of downloading the example CSV and populate the file to avoid any problem. 

When a supplier makes a relevant change (price increase, change quantity) to a product, you'll know it when raising a PO and selecting this item. 

Please edit the price/quantity in the new PO page, in case you're happy with the change, and then go to the product list to approve/deny this change. 

If you'd like to let your users know that they should not order a specific product anymore, you can disable it. 

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