Every time you add a new supplier you should add its code in order to have a successful export to your accounting software. In order to add or edit the supplier code, please go to Your Business > Manage My Chart of Accounts and click on the tab "Supplier Codes" on the top.

Simply select the supplier, type the code and assign the location for it and click on "Add Supplier Accounting Code". 

All the suppliers that are on the platform but have no Supplier Code will be on the top of the list in red. Please set up this supplier.

Now that you added the supplier code, you should click on the tab "Supplier Nominals" in order to add a Nominal Account and a Department to it. You can add more than one Nominal Account/ Department for the same supplier.

This will make your life easier when reconciling invoices from this company. If they have only one possibility, this should be automatically populated. If they have more than one, only these options should be in a dropdown list.

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