If you create orders on an ongoing basis when the specific item(s), quantity and frequency of need are known in advance, this feature saves you a lot of time.

You can set up a Standing Purchase Order once and leave it alone, but what makes this feature even more useful is that it also lets you make changes to specific orders, at a later date, if necessary.  

You can view your Standing POs on the tab "Standing Orders" on Purchasing > Manage Purchase Orders.

To create a Standing PO, when creating a PO simply select an option from the "Repeat" drop-down menu (click here to learn how to create an order). This will provide you with a number of different time frames to repeat the order by.

When you have made your standing order selection, you can either save the order for editing at a later date or send it straight to the supplier. Simply click on the "Save" button on the bottom right corner. 

In order to make changes to a standing order, visit the tab "Standing Orders" and click on the PO number you wish to edit.  

Once you have clicked through to the PO, you will see the PO number for the next PO in the standing order list. Clicking this will bring up the list of POs in this order. You will now be able to edit the future orders in the list.

Should you wish to edit a particular PO, rather than the parent PO, you will need to click on the corresponding PO number located in the "Req. Delivery" window located in the parent PO.

Click on the Pen icon to go through to the PO for that particular order.  It will then present you with the opportunity to amend all aspects of this PO.

Once you are happy with the order, click on “Save” to save the changes that have been made or click “Complete and send” which will send the amended order to the supplier.

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