This is particularly relevant for customers who create many similar orders. If you want to use a similar order to create a second one but it's an isolated case, it's better for you to read this text

To create your template, please go to Purchasing > Purchase Order Templates.

Then, fill in the boxes with the template information (location, department, supplier and template title). Click on the ‘Create New Template’ button.

Then populate your order details, such as the required line item and quantity. When completed, click on the 'Save' button. 

Now, you want to use your template. On Purchasing > New Purchase Order, you can see on the right-hand side, the option to create from template. 

The line items will be filled with the details of the template that was used to create the new Purchase Order. You can make changes to this purchase order by adding or removing line items. Then, finally click “Complete and send”.

If you want to edit or delete your template, go to Purchasing > Purchase Orders Template, chose the template you want to edit and click on the blue button "Edit" or "Delete".

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