If you sent an order to your supplier but you realized you don't want it anymore, you can cancel it. On Purchasing > Manage Purchase Orders page, select the order you wish to ‘cancel’ by clicking on the Purchase Order number.

When you are on the purchase order detail page, you can click on the ‘Cancel this order’ button on the top right.

Cancelling the Purchase Order will move it from the ‘Outstanding’ orders list to the ‘Denied/Cancelled’ tab. You will be able to view the order details by clicking on the Purchase Order number as normal.  

Bear in mind that accepted orders cannot be cancelled by you. If you wish to cancel an already accepted PO, please ask the supplier to do so. If you have no success, we can cancel it for you.

If you have not sent it yet, you can delete this order from your portal. To learn how to do it, please click here

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