You just checked on Sales > AP Document Ingestion and noticed there is a document filed under Rejected. Below are the 6 main reasons why we must reject some documents: 

  1. It's not an invoice - Our platform only processes invoices and credit notes. Documents like statements, delivery notes or plain emails are not considered a valid document.
  2. Duplicates - We will always reject duplicates to protect you from invoice fraud.  
  3. Multiple documents in one PDF attachment - Our technology can only process one invoice per PDF file. When we receive a PDF with more than one invoice number, we will reject it as we won't be able to process and publish it.
  4. Not a PDF document - We only process invoices/credit notes in PDF format. 
  5. No PO number on the invoice - If you require a Purchase Order number on each invoice you receive and this information is missing, we will automatically reject documents that do not comply.
  6. Low image/document quality - Should you need to send us copies or scans of an original document, they need to be of high quality. If important sections of the invoice/credit note such as invoice number, date, total amount etc. are not visible, we will reject the document.
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