Your items have arrived and you need to record what's been delivered.

Just click Purchasing > Receive a new delivery.  Then, simply enter the purchase order number corresponding to the delivery into the search box and click the blue "Receive new delivery" button.

You will be taken to a page with the PO details (Supplier name, items, quantities, prices). Here's where you make sure everything that's been delivered matches with what's been ordered. If there is anything missing, please adjust accordingly and click on the blue button "Save" at the bottom of the page.

This takes you to the “Delivery Reconciliation” page. Here you'll see the content of the Purchase Order side by side with the items Delivered.

This is where you mark a PO either “Fully received” or “Partially Received”, depending on the items delivered.

The items on the original Purchase Order will be coded with one of these three colours: green, yellow or red.

  • Green means what you ordered is what you've received.
  • Yellow means the quantities did not match. So let's say, instead of 10 items ordered, you only received 6.
  • Red means an item was completely missing from the delivery.

If the order is only partially received, you can add another delivery using the same method. To learn how to receive a second delivery for the same PO, please click here.

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