Once an invoice is received and processed on InstaSupply, it's ready for reconciliation. Head to the detail page of the invoice you would like to reconcile (click here to see how to find invoices).

You will find all "Not reconciled" invoices by looking for the "!" next to the invoice in the list or by filtering the field below.

Once you're on the invoice page, you will need to assign a Department and a Nominal Account per line item. You can either go through each line item and populate manually or you can select the line items you want to assign a specific code to and update the Bulk Update drop down. All ticked items will be automatically populated with the selected code.

Now, just click on the "Save Breakdown" button and your invoice will be reconciled.

To make your life even easier when reconciling invoices, read the our posts on Chart of Accounts and Supplier Nominals

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