If you're spending too much time reconciling invoices individually, then read on. Take these two steps below to dramatically reduce the time it takes to reconcile invoices: 

  1. Chart of Accounts - Firstly, you'll need to set up your chart of accounts, click here to learn how to do so, additionally, you'll need to add Suppler Codes. Once this has been completed, you can allocate a Nominal Account and Department to any chosen supplier. After this, whenever you receive an invoice from your suppliers, it will automatically allocate the invoice to your chosen account and department.
  2. Supplier Product List updated - If you'd like to learn how to manage product list, please click here. We've recently introduced the ability to assign a Nominal Account and a Department for specific items on the product list. This means that when you create an order using a SKU, this item will automatically have accounting information assigned to it. 

After setting these two steps up, you won't need to spend time on individual items again. This information can be updated via CSV. 

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