So you've reconciled all your invoices and you're ready to export the data to your accounting software. Just go to Purchasing > Purchases.

This will open a page containing all your invoices and credit notes. To select the right invoices to export, please refine the selection by using the filters at the top of the listing. 

In the example above, we filtered all approved and reconciled invoices until 20/04/2017. Once you're happy with the selection, click on the blue "Export Purchases" button

If you attempt to export any unreconciled invoices, you will get an error like this:

Any unreconciled invoices will need attention before the platform will allow you to export them.

To mark all exported invoices and give visibility to the rest of your team and know what has been exported next time, just go to Purchasing > Accounting Exports and click on the blue "Mark Invoices as Exported" button.

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